Flowing, video installation  2021 

photos of the installation Eva Kelety


The Moon Is On The East, 2021, installation, iron, wood, variable dimensions

Middle Voice 2021, installation of painting and photography, variable dimensions 

FLOWING is a series realized  in Vienna Bildraum  Studio artist's residency/. 

 It is a vision of the landscape as a matrix for changes.  Water, a fundamental  element is sculpting the landscape while drifting objects  play with the environment. 

A vulnerable human being appears fused to its ondulations participating in that dynamic flux of energy . The stream of images  give an impression that the  bodies and the liquid matter operate as equals , neither active nor passive, in symbiosis with all elements.

Middle Voice 2021, photograms, 40x50cm each one

Flowing  2021, analog print on Ilford Warm Tone on Dibond, selenia toner, 30x80 cm 

Middle Voice, I,II, III, 2021, polyptych, photograms&photography on Dibond , 40x50 cm each, selenia &sepia toner


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